New Year, New Look

-- New Year Speech by the Top Management of CRTG Overseas


Braving winds and waves, the boat of times bid farewell to 2020. At this time of embracing the New Year, we would like to extend new year's greetings and best wishes to all employees who worked with devotion and dedication in the arduous 2020, to their families who tacitly backed their works, and to friends from all walks of life who supported the development of CRTG Overseas!

“How time flows on, never ceasing, night and day”. In 2020, we exhibited our sense of responsibilities during the fight against COVID-19 and every one of us is remarkable. Facing the sudden attack of coronavirus pandemic, we responded rapidly by sending anti-epidemic supplies from abroad to support epidemic prevention at home, we raced against time to resume works and productions, and we have taken effective epidemic control measures to safeguard the health of our staff. We are impressed by 472 employees who flew abroad on three chartered planes to devote themselves to our overseas projects, and numbers of employees abroad who have proved their dedication to CRTG's international business.

In 2020, overcoming hardships of epidemic and the shortage of human resources and materials, we achieved the annual plan in terms of contract value and construction turnover, and promoted overseas business and the management efficiency, thanks to the unremitting efforts of all employees. Looking back to the eventful year, we celebrated the courage and self-sacrifice, which inspire us to march ahead whenever difficulties and adversities strike.

Only in the hard times can courage and perseverance be manifested. Only after polishing can a piece of jade be finer. Although 2020 was full of challenges and uncertainties, we demonstrated greater responsibility than ever before. We would never forget the lights that were constantly on at late night on construction sites, would never forget the hard times of absence from family reunions endured by the employees, would never forget the busy figures during the festive holiday, and would also never forget the strong support of partners and friends from all sectors of society. We would keep well in mind the sacrifices made by individuals and their families to the Great Way. On the arrival of the New Year, we sincerely say: “Thank you all for your hard work!”



Noting that the eventful year has driven home the significance of peace and health, we care more than ever about the safety and health of our employees abroad. The freezing winter will finally pass over, and the spring will eventually arrive. We will welcome your safe return home in spring blossoms. Space and distance are not obstacles, and love always be responded. We rediscovered the spirit of togetherness, while we were parted by COVID-19. Where there are our staffs, there are hopes and ways.

In 2021, at the starting point of long river of history, moreover the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we need to stay tenacious like a bamboo deeply rooted in the rocks, keeping our feet on the ground and steadily marching towards our goal. Let’s break the waves with firm determination, and bear in mind the spirit of CRTG Overseas, i.e., “Pioneering, Expertise, Excellence, and Dedication”. Let’s set up a new pattern of high-quality development and make our contributions to CRTG’s brand awareness. Let’s deliver an excellent overseas answer sheet.

Upon the arrival of the New Year, we wish our land to be splendid, our country to be prosperous, and our people to live in peace. We wish CRTG Overseas flourish. We wish all employees and their families, and all our friends a harmonious, smooth and auspicious year, full of happiness! The road ahead is long; striving is the only way forward. Let us continue to strive, march ahead with courage, break through brambles and thorns, and greet a bright future!


CEO of CRTG Overseas


Liu Chengyu