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【Israel News】Critical Project Milestone Achieved

Created on:2021-05-22

In the Early Dynamic Test section of the Israel Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line Project (hereinafter: “Red Line Project") undertaken by the CRTG-EEB Joint Venture, CRTG-EEB realized the communications transmission system function on May 16, and completed the gauge inspection and cold run test of OHLE on May 18, and realized OHLE energization at first attempt on May 19. It marks the successful commencement of Testing and Commissioning in the Early Dynamic Testing area after equipment installation.



In order to achieve the milestone on May 21, the leaders of CREC Israel Branch, CRTG and EEB stayed at the construction site to command, and CRTG-EEB project management overcome the influence of COVID-19, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, complicated conditions of site, difficult coordination and other difficulties, communicated with related parties actively, achieved the critical milestones such as completion of trackworks installation, power equipment installation, communications equipment installation and OHLE energization. The completion of the equipment installation for the Early Dynamic Testing on schedule has been highly appreciated and appraised by the client NTA and the Engineer, and has laid a solid foundation for the commercial operation of the Red Line Project. 



Lindsay Vamplew, the Red Line Project Director, said in the congratulatory letter, "The successful OHLE energization in the east section and underground section of the Red Line Project is an important prerequisite for the dynamic testing of OHLE, track and power in the east section, which is of great significance. Let's go hand in hand. I believe that with the efforts of CRTG-EEB and the Engineer, we will finally achieve the success of the Red Line Project. "

The Red Line Project is the largest government concession infrastructure project since the founding of Israel. It was undertaken by CRTG-EEB Joint Venture, and started in 2018. The total length of the Red Line Project is about 24km, passing through the five most prosperous cities in Israel (Bat-Yam, Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak and Petach Tikva), with the fastest design speed of 80km / h.



The Red Line Project is the first light rail line in Tel Aviv and also the window for the Israeli Ministry of Transport and the client NTA to show their construction achievements. Israeli government attaches importance to project progress. The project is also the first light rail project undertaken by Chinese enterprises in developed countries. The implementation of the project has accumulated experience and achievements for CREC in the high-end market, cultivated international talents, and expanded the influence of Chinese enterprises abroad, and it is also the specific practice of CREC in creating a competitive world-class enterprise.

CRTG Israel Branch is the main forces of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the "Priority, High Quality" development strategy of CRTG, and spent seven years to marketing the Israel infrastructure market, contract amount totaled more than 11 billion yuan, and constructed a number of good-quality projects. The sustainable development was realized in Israel, and the brand of the CRTG was established in the world.



After the outbreak of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, CRTG timely launched the Three-level emergency plan for overseas emergencies, and made instructions to ensure the safety of lives and property of the employees in Israel. The main leaders of CRTG sent a letter to express their concern for the employees, and the emergency response team made emergency deployment for the next step. Within ten days of the threat of conflict, CRTG Israel Branch contacted the Chinese Embassy in Israel and local security agencies in time to receive instructions and arrangements, reorganize the emergency management organization and strengthen the management responsibility, improve the wartime emergency plan and publicize it to every employee, mobilize the wartime goods preparation, improve the logistics support ability, and completed the task of stabilizing employees' emotion and ensuring their safety. The project management start construction with the assistance of the police and the local foreman after confirming the absolute safety, so as to ensure the construction safety.

With the cease-fire agreement reached between Palestine and Israel, CRTG Israel Branch will focus on the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, marketing and production, ensure that epidemic does not rebound after the conflict, seize the time lost in the special period, and concentrate all efforts to achieve the milestone target. The headquarter of CRTG will support in logistics and comfort, care for the employees in Israel, stabilize the emotions of the employees' families, and provide psychological counseling to ensure the successful progress of the work in Israel.