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【Singapore News】Shield Machine of Singapore Metro Project C885 Launches Anew Successfully

Created on:2021-05-21

On May 17, the shield machine, nicknamed SUNWU, for Singapore Metro Project C885 launched anew. The successful launching of the Shield means another breakthrough in overseas production while all staff of CRTG Overseas is striving for the epidemic prevention and control. The project management, by actively responding to severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, strengthening management of local staff, and optimizing working procedure, ensured smooth and integral shield launching.




The Shield, named after the great Chinese master of art of war SUNWU, has smoothly completed outer ring tunnel works of the project before its second launching. When the Shield boring under the main historical building, the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, the project management teams kept on duty around the clock. By strict control of tunneling parameters, the settlement caused by the shield boring is minimum, ensuring zero-damage to the historical building of the Station. When boring under the Customs Building, zero settlement was achieved as well. When the Shield crossing the launch shaft nearby the PUB, the shield boring brought no damage to the launch shaft at all.



Being the most complicated section of the whole Circled Line, the project mainly includes a three-storey underground station, Guang-ai running section, switchback tunnel (2,006 linear meter) and ancillary works.



Located in the CBD of Singapore, the Prince Edward Station, arouses great public concern. The Station adjoins to a 120-year-old mosque, and the Station area is densely populated each Friday because of Muslim prayers’ attendance to the mosque. The open-cut worksite to the northeast of the Station is adjacent to the former site of Jiaxin Building of Singapore Institute of Technology. To the northwest of the Station, there are high-rise commercial building area and the Hock Teck See Temple (built in 1844). From the very beginning of the project implementation, the project staff has attached great importance to protection of the surrounding cultural relics and good coordination of the surrounding communities. At present, the construction progress of the Project is taking the lead among all projects of the whole line.




Confronted with the havoc of COVID-19, the project management keeps trying their best to overcomes influences of the epidemic and actively takes measures for work resumption, focusing on the ensurance of tunnel construction continuity. On June 27th, the project resumed tunnel boring, being the first project resuming shield tunneling in Singapore. In addition, the Project is also a showcase of Chinese technology and equipment in mature markets of developed countries.



The Shield SUNWU steps on its journey anew and continues to fulfil its mission for Singapore metro construction. The Project implementation manifests CTRG’s brand as "National Team for Tunneling and Underground Works of China" and adds one more brilliant name card for Chinese contractor on the "Belt and Road".