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【Singapore News】Application of Waterjet System in Removal of Knockout Panel

Created on:2021-03-03

The second drive of the TBM is under preparation, one of which is the removal of concrete and steelwork from the tunnel eye where the TBM will begin its journey in May 2021.

The thickness of the knockout panel is 1,200 millimeters, one layer of steelwork is embedded in concrete and will be removed by gas cutting.

Relative to conventional methods, like excavators and hydraulic breakers, the advantage of using waterjet system are:

  • Waterjet system does not generate loud noises and vibrations, no damages to nearby equipment, no disruption to adjacent activities.
  • Relative to excavators, waterjet equipment is compacter and easier to move and setup in constrained locations.
  • Considerably less debris and dust present onsite and in the air.
  • High precision, all cuts can be programmed in advance and executed automatically
  • Operators control the robot remotely, hence it reduces the risk of injuries.
  • No emissions of gases as robot is electric driven.

This waterjet systems consists of one robot Aqua Cutter 710 with tower extensions which allows it to reach up to 7.0 meters, and a main pump Jetstream 4215, which is capable of providing a maximum working pressure up to 1000 Bar or 14500 Psi.

The system is capable of removing up to 1 cubic meter of concrete per hour, it is also used in other locations to support the station works, which proves easy to relocate with minimum equipment and manpower.

CRTG Singapore is currently building C885 Prince Edward Station and Tunnels for Circle Line 6 as a main contractor, meanwhile, looking forward to cooperating with potential clients for underground works in Singapore and its neighbors.

(Editor: Dennis Mania)