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【Singapore News】Singapore C885 Project Successfully Completed Two Key Milestones In Advance

Created on:2020-03-10

 On 8 March 2020, China Railway Tunnel Group has completed a concrete casting of 3,557 cubic meter grade C50 in one time for the construction of underground roof slab for Prince Edward Station, part of Singapore MRT Circle Line 6, project C885. Just the day before, the bored tunnel TBM, named Sun Wu (China Railway No. 658) had safely arrived at the planned position to carry out cutter head inspection and maintenance operation, which also marked the successful completion of tunneling half of the outer bound tunneling work towards Cantonment Station.




Prince Edward Station consists of a three-story underground structure, which is constructed with top-down method. Following the completion of roof slab, the project will proceed to construct concourse slab (station hall), upper under-platform slab (inner bound platform) and lower under-platform slab (outer bound platform) to complete the entire underground structure.


There are two bored tunnels with total 2,006m in length that will be constructed to connect with C883 Cantonment Station by using an earth pressure balance TBM in C885 project, and part of these two tunnels will be stacked together and connected with Prince Edward Station. After completing this cutter head inspection, the TBM will underpass a protected heritage building, Old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. On the other side of the station, the train track line connecting with C886 will be constructed as cut and cover tunnel using traditional open cut method and the first layer of strutting work in a total five layers has being completed.


Since the project commenced more than two years ago, the project team has experienced extremely high requirements from the Client. Meanwhile, the domestic staffs have faced many unfamiliar challenges and grown strong to achieve work completion independently.




As scheduled, C885 project will hit construction peak this year. Upper and lower under-platform slabs of the station will be completed, the cut and cover tunnel will be excavated together with strutting support to the formation level and the base slab concreting work will also be completed, while the TBM will be disassembled after the completion of outer bound tunneling work and followed by reassembly of TBM to start the inner bound tunneling works.


(Editor: Yin Junhui; Proofreader: Li Yaohuan)