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【Domestic News】Gu Zonghua, Deputy General Manager of CRTG Overseas, won the 1st China Railway Outstanding Contribution Award

Created on:2020-06-02

In order to select and promote the benchmarking models who have made outstanding achievements and significant contributions in the course of overseas business reform and development, and to tell the story of how the company advanced with the time, 15 staff were recently presented the 1st China Railway Outstanding Contribution Award by CREC (China Railway Engineering Group Ltd., Co.). Gu Zonghua, deputy general manager of CRTG Overseas is one of the awardees.


On May 8th, winners of the 1st China Railway Overseas Outstanding Contribution Award were announced at the video working conference of CREC in Beijing. Zhang Zongyan, Part Secretary and Chairman of CERC, and Chen Yun, President of CREC delivered this honor.




CRTG has always been actively engaged in the implementation of "Going Out" initiative under the guidance of the "Belt and Road", and devoted to making access to medium and premium-end markets. Consequently, satisfactory business outcomes have been attained. In this progress, pioneers with Gu Zonghua as a typical representative, who bravely and selflessly dedicated to the advancement of overseas cause emerged from the population.




Gu Zonghua graduated from the university in 2004. Upon joining CRTG, he was supervised by a backbone French electrical expert and later engaged in TBM and shield construction management for many years. He has participated in constructing the Liaoning Dahuofang Water Conveyance Tunnel--the world’s longest diversion tunnel,, the "Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Lion Ocean Tunnel" known as China Railway Century Tunnel, the "Changzhutan Intercity Railway Project" using the largest earth pressure balance shield in China. Moreover, he was responsible for the construction of the “Kuala Lumpur MRT Project”, in which the first self-produced earth pressure balance shield qualifying British standard system came into use. He also led the “Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line Project”, in which six independently developed TBMs qualifying European standard system were applied. These experiences not only made him extraordinary but laid a solid for his remarkableness in oversea market exploration.




"We are very lucky, We have CRTG, we have Mr.Gu." This compliment is frequently claimed in various occasions and meetings by NTA general manager and project directors at Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line Project. This brief expression extends a great affirmation of Gu Zonghua and CRTG.