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Santiago Metro Project Department of Chile held party, celebrating "Double Holiday"

Created on:2020-01-02

Chile News  On December 23rd, at the time of the "Double Holiday", the Santiago Metro Project Department of Chile held outdoor barbecue with local characteristics, exchanged mysterious gifts and friendly basketball games. Clients and supervision representatives were invited to participate in this party.

Christmas is the festival celebrating the Nativity of Jesus. It originated from the ancient Romans to celebrate the New Year's Sacrifice Day and is a public holiday in many parts of the world. New Year's Day, January 1, after Christmas, is commonly known as "New Year" in most countries in the world. With the active cooperation of local staff , China culture and the West culture welcomed the same new year, and the staff of the project who far away from China also experienced a unique festival culture. In order to let the local staff who are curious about Chinese food have a full meal and experience China ’s extensive and profound food culture, the project department also prepared some fine Chinese food. Among them, homemade Buns are particularly popular with local staff, and everyone praises them after tasting.

In addition to tasting Chinese and Chilean cuisine, the Chinese staff of the project also thoughtful prepared mysterious gifts, carefully selected and packaged them to show their importance to each other and festival culture. Everyone unpacks their presents and shows them to each person, feeling moments of surprise and blessings.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the basketball game started with cheers. The strength of the two teams is similar. The slight difference in scores makes the game very exciting. The audience cheering outside the court also keeps the basketball game competitive. The basketball game give full play to the teamwork spirit of employees and enhance the cohesion and pride of the company.

On the occasion of the "Double Holiday", all the staff of the project in Chile extended their sincere greetings and heartfelt wishes to everyone, and wish you a happy holiday!