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【Peru News】“Hi, did you clock in today?” -- Peru Branch Started a Craze to Study Foreign Languages

Created on:2020-03-02

“Did you clock in today”?


This greeting comes into a quiet vogue in Peru Branch. It doesn’t mean to clock in attendance for work, but in studying foreign languages.


Through 13h of the time difference and after more than 20h of flight, some staff in CRTG arrived in the other side of the earth—Peru. The city is noted as “rainless city in the world” It has the first university in the history of the Americas, the smallest hummingbird in the world, lovely alpaca, and the cradle of Amazon River---the second longest river in the world. As the most localized market of CRTG, the first challenge we face is the language barrier.


In order to comprehensively know about customs of local people and legal knowledge, handle the relationships with foreign partners, and conduct more effective exchange and communication with the headquarters to learn managerial experiences from each other, 5 employees of Peru Branch recently spontaneously carried out a contest activity for learning foreign languages. The director of Green Coast Project at Peru Branch Liu Yi, chief engineer Chen Lei, minister of accounting department Gao Yaning, the clerk Wang Hexuan, and administrative department Yu Shijiao started the journey of improving English and Spanish after work by receiving trainings from local foreign language institution.


Avoiding from the disturbance in working hours, they utilized spare time to study after work. Liu Yi and Chen Lei went to school at night. Gao Yaning and Yu Shijiao studied in the morning. Four of them improved their oral English, while the graduate trainee Wang Hexuan, who has good English foundation, studied Spanish at night. The activity has been carried out for three months. Everyone was enthusiastic for study. “Did you clock in today?” It has become a popular greeting. Though some colleagues had to miss attendance sometimes due to work, they would manage to make up these missed lessons on weekends. They couldn’t breathe a little easier until they made up these lessons.


They set a mutual help group, studied together, and made progress. Thanks to their improvement in speaking Spanish and English, their work goes more conveniently and the strong learning atmosphere was created in Peru Branch.


Liu Yi, as a rich experienced overseas employee, is feeling very strong about that. In his opinion, Spoken English relies on language environment, learning efficiency of which will be improved undoubtedly when someone practices it in such a context. Just like working in a pure English environment, people will speak English at every moment, cultivate good language sense and British thinking. Furthermore, when you study English in a training institution, foreign teachers of Europe and Americans bring pure English culture to you, help you to study authentic English and bring your study into speedway.


Gao Yaning, who came to the overseas for the first time, profoundly realized the importance of English. He said, “During the college period, I studied English and passed CET-6. I have had some foundation in English. However, after working here, the shortcoming of English exam-oriented education was gradually revealed. Most of the students can master the test-taking skill of high score, but the actual capacity in English application is very weak. The most obvious example is that many students who have passed some level examinations don’t have the courage to talk with foreigners. Their oral expression abilities are terrible”.


Wang Hexuan, with overseas studying experience, is a new recruit. In her view, overseas study and work can do improve English for many people. However, just English is still not enough to meet work needs in the future. We should learn another language (Spanish) according to local conditions and master expression skills so as to gain more opportunities.


It is said that cultivation of a habit needs 21 days. Language study is a persevering process and we shall make concentrated efforts to achieve the goal. The competition study plan is expected to cultivate a good habit for everyone, persist in practice, and finally gain achievements step by step.


 “The word is so big that I want to see it” Many people are touched by such a sentence, especially for many employees in the International Division. Don’t let language become an obstacle. If you are also interested, let’s take actions. We are waiting for you to travel around the big world!