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【Sweden News】CRTG Attend UITP Exhibition in Sweden 2019

Created on:2020-03-02

CRTG participated in the UITP exhibition with the aim to promote Belt and Road Iniatiative and to seek further international co-operation.


From June 9 to 12, 2019, UITP (full name Union Internationale des Transports Publics/International Public Transport Association) was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1885, UITP is a passionate advocate of sustainable urban transportation, dedicated to promoting the sustainable transport in urban areas around the world, inspiring innovation and improving the quality of life by creating and sharing advanced knowledge and expertise. The theme of 2019 UITP is “The Art of Public Transport”, which is attended by approximately 96 countries and regions, 1,500 companies and more than 18,000 customers from around the world.


Seize the opportunity and share the experience to the world


As a representative of excellent construction enterprises, the China Railway Tunnel Group, which is known as the “National Team of Chinese Tunnels and Underground Construction”, has overcome many tunnel problems of large-diameter long tunnels and various complex geology by applying excellent technology and experience. The professional and technical level has always been in a leading position in the industry. Since 2017, the Group has successfully established the China Railway Tunnel Group Sweden Engineering Co., Ltd. in Stockholm and with its strategic goal of basing itself in Sweden and also in the entire Nordic infrastructure market. The establishment of this subsidiary marks the Group's global strategic plan to actively transforming into a high-end European supplier of underworks work. The UITP held in Stockholm will undoubtedly provide the Group with a very favorable public relations position and it is a social space for CRTG to continue to aim at its strategic objectives and to lay a solid foundation for strategic co-operations.


After nearly half a year of preparation and planning, the Swedish subsidiary did participate in the exhibition's  with the promotional theme as: When Traditional Chinese Meet the Nordic culture. At the exhibition site, the overall layout of the booth adopts the Nordic minimalist design style. The well-created promotional video fully embodies the charm of tunnel construction art and underground engineering, and the model on display showcases a TBM as well as rectangular TBM. At the same time, the booth integrated rich and varied Chinese elements such as tea serving cermony, fortune cookies with messages relating to CRTG and tunnel construction postcards, attracting customers from the public transportation sector to learn about CRTG and appreciate CRTG capacity.  


During the exhibition, Liu Chenyu, general manager of the CRTG Overseas, was invited to accept an interview with the Swedish leading infrastructure magazines, Dagens Infrastruktur and RT Forum. Both magazines  comprehensively covered the development history of the group's overseas market and the determination to enter the European high-end market. "I hope that through the platform such as UITP, more owners and partners can understand that China Railway Tunnel Group is very focused on the development of Sweden and even the Nordic market. We are professional in construction and we are serious in our work in the Nordic market." Liu Chenyu said with confidence.


At the invitation of UITP, the head of the Swedish subsidiary made a speech entitled “Tunnelling To Link the World” at the seminar “China's Transport Investments Overseas: Current Trends and Opportunities”. The keynote speech of Datong World has won the attention of many European owners and infrastructure companies, and attracted the interest of several large European financial groups. The German KFW Bank Group actively contacted and expressed its future investment and financing ambitions, as well as its strong will of cooperation. It is worth mentioning that NTA, the owner of the Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail, which was built in Israel, was also invited to give a keynote speech at the seminar. From the perspective of the owners, the professional technical strength and construction management capability of the China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group was mentioned by the NTA representative.


Achieve great success, focus on the future


 Through UITP's international platform,  CRTG captured an effective way to communicate its message to the world of infrastructure business, and has won a wide range of potential opportunities. For example the Brussels-Brazil Public Transport Authority, Poland's Warsaw Metro Co., Ltd., and the South American Columbia Metro Limited. The company, the African Zambia and other owners have shown great interest in the group. The French design company Egis, the French military company Thales, and the Singapore branch company COWI and other customers came to visit the booth and expressed their desire to continue to strengthen the cooperation in the future. The parties agreed to deepen the sharing and exchange of project information in Europe. The participation at UITP has positive and far-reaching practical significance for the Group's business expansion in the European market. What is even more rare is that the current UITP host, Stockholm Metro Company SL, was also the host of UITP in 2019. Through this exhibition, the understanding of the CRTG has been further deepened, and the Swedish people's understanding of the group has also been increased. "Getting a good start and getting better", is a summery that is reflecting the outcome.


Standing on a new starting point in Sweden, CRTG will actively respond to the call of the national “Belt and Road” initiative, not forgetting the initial heart, keeping in mind the mission, and moving forward to build more high quality projects around the world, to highlight the CREC brand. The CREC brand has made new and greater contributions to promote further projects in the Nordic and European market.