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【Domestic News】Former German Chancellor Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder gave CRTG thumbs-up

Created on:2016-11-08

On November 7, former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs Sun Rongmin, chairman of the board of directors of Herrenknecht AG and 17 other people took working visit to the Section 3 of Foshan-Dongguan Intercity Railway of CRTG. The general manager of Guangdong Pearl River Delta Intercity Railway Co., LTD (GDIR). Yang Wanhua, the chairman of China railway Tunnel Group Co., LTD (CRTG) accompanied the visit.

Schroeder is a well-known German politician and a recognized authority on global relations, economic development and social change. Schroeder is an old friend of the Chinese people and has a deep affection for China and the Chinese people. Both in office and after he left office, he has been committed to promoting the friendly cooperation in the economic and trade fields between China and Germany and between China and Europe, and made outstanding contributions to the friendship between the two countries’ peoples.

Schroeder and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of "Impression of the Shiziyang" of the project department of Section 3 of Foshan-Dongguan Intercity Railway, and got to know the basic situation of the project of the Shiziyang Tunnel. After listened to a briefing on project management and engineering progress, Schroeder praised the construction level and capability of CRTG, especially the work of constructing the world's largest underwater railway TBM tunnel.

After the visit, the two sides held in-depth talks in the meeting room. Schroeder expressed his appreciation to CRTG for its leading technology and promising development prospects in the tunnel and underground engineering. Schroeder pointed out that the Shiziyang Tunnel, as part of the Foshan-Dongguan Intercity Railway, is strongly supported by the Guangdong Provincial Government and GDIR. The friendly development of China and Germany depends on specific projects and cooperation between companies. Schroeder said that he will visit China every year after he leaves office and hopes to have a chance to visit and investigate domestic and overseas enterprises of CREC. He will continue to pay close attention to the development of CRTG, so as to further understanding, seek opportunities for cooperation and make greater contributions to the friendly cooperation and mutual benefit between China and Germany.

The chairman of CRTG made a speech on behalf of construction company and gave a warm welcome to Mr. Schroeder. Yu baolin introduced in detail the development history of CRTG engaged in TBM construction. In the past 20 years, CRTG TBM construction has a long construction mileage, with a complete range of TBM, a large number of professional construction level outstanding, and has undertaken many difficult construction projects such as "crossing the river and the sea" projects. Yu Baolin said, CRTG and Herrenknecht Ag friendly cooperated for a long time, the Shiziyang Tunnel hwith the equipped with the current atmospheric pressure tool change of the world's most advanced technology of slurry TBM, GDIR and Herrenknecht Ag give strong support, guidance and help.  CRTG will cooperate with Herrenknecht Ag again and create new achievements in the future.

Chairman of Herrenknecht Ag Dr. Martin heirrick said that CRTG project management of the Shiziyang Tunnel is  standardized and orderly, and he is impressed. The Shiziyang Tunnel is equipped with the world's advanced slurry TBM, and the cooperation with the project is a concrete manifestation of China-Germany cooperation. As an excellent contractor, CRTG has rich experience in TBM construction, and hopes to further cooperate with GDIR and CRTG.

Since the beginning of Guangzhou Metro construction in 2001, CRTG has applied 18 TBM which produced by Herrenknecht Ag throughout the company. Over the past 15 years, 18 shield machines have witnessed China-Germany economic cooperation and friendship.