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【Domestic News】CRTG Supports Wuhan’S Coronavirus Fight

Created on:2020-02-29

【Social Responsibility】 At the moment, China is taking concerted efforts against the Novel-Coronavirus outbreak. The Epidemic spreads relentlessly, but all Chinese people are untied. CRTG International is actively mobilizing overseas institutions to contact and, according to the standard purchase of domestic urgent medical protection materials, procure the emergency materials to support the country's unprecedented efforts for epidemic control.




CRTG Israel Branch has procured 1000 sets of medical protective clothing, 1000 sets of isolation clothing, 1000 sets of face masks, 20000 masks, and 1000 pairs of goggles, and delivered them on January 28, via Hainan Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen Bao'an Airport.


Meanwhile 500,000 pieces of masks, 200,000 sets of disposable hats, 50,000 pairs of protective gloves, and 100,000 sets of disposable isolation clothing, all purchased by CRTG Uzbekistan representative office, carried Zhejiang Changlong Airlines flight from Tashkent in the early hours of January 29 to China. These medical protective supplies will be transferred to the southern war zone air force general hospital on the same day of delivery.


For those above donated materials, Hainan Airlines, Zhejiang Changlong Airlines exempted from freight, while for material transport and customs clearance, the Chinese Embassies in the host countries carried out a lot of coordination work.




Next, CRTG international will continue to organize overseas institutions, such as the Singapore Branch and the Peruvian Branch, to supply urgently needed medical equipments and materials.




Quarantining people doesn’t mean alienating love from home and abroad, and this is what humanity rightly demands of us. Go China!Go China Go!